Acadia Star

Lease or own 3/4 of an acre of raw undeveloped land in downtown Durham. This is an unique opportunity to build something creative alongside what is sure to become the crown jewel of this very popular city. The Durham Belt Line is a new city project to convert a 2-mile railroad line into a 20-acre linear park trail. Learn more about a section of this project known as Strayhorn Springs.


  • 1/4-mile walk to Duke Park

  • 1/2-mile to Interstate 85

  • 1-mile to Duke’s East Campus

  • 1-mile to Center of Downtown

  • Adjacent to the Future Belt Line Trail

  • Between Duke Park, Old North Durham Neighborhoods

Durham Parcel#109376

1301 Acadia (paper) Street behind 201 West Markham Ave.

Lot Size 197’ x 160’ approx 0.726-acres

1926-03 Plat-00006A-000049

Wright-mason Realty Co/BLK: A/LT#13 & #14 & #15 & #16

Issues to consider:



Infrastructure Costs

Duke Energy Transmission Line - Looking for anyone interested in an opportunity in

farm to table sustainable urban agriculture on this south facing slope.

Intermittent Stream

Adjoining Land Assemblage